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1. Show Me How Your Heart Works


Verse 1:

This morning I was sitting on my own,

Drinking coffee with no sugar,

Coz' you told me I'm sweet enough.
I was thinking about my flaws,

How I've almost got 'em all,
But you don't care,
You couldn't love me if they weren't there.



So show me how your heart works baby,

I wanna feel it beat in time with me.

Show me how your heart works baby,

It's beautiful.
I wanna learn to love like your heart can love,

So show me how your heart works


Verse 2:

I need to take a leaf out of your book,

And see past imperfections,

Coz' they make us who we are.

If we didn't make mistakes well we'd be boring,

And we'd have nothing to say,

And I love your voice.

I wouldn't have it any other way.





It's easy if you try,

You've already started fixing mine.

There used to be a thorn in its side.




It's so easy if you try.

Come on, show me.

Show me how your heart works.


2. Take A Chance This Time


Verse 1:

There's a hundred reasons I shouldn't do it.

And the thought of failure makes me feel like I'm already losing.

I've tried it before and I've been knocked down.

But this time my feet will stay on the ground.

But I need a helping hand,

Someone who understands.



So throw me a rope,

Gimme a sign.

I wanna take a chance this time.

Oh leave me a note,

Tell me it'll be fine.

I wanna take a chance this time.


Verse 2:

My only regrets are the chances I didn't take.

I seem to forget they're my decision to make.

Sensibility it coulds my vision.

Responsibilities keep me distant.

And I need a helping hand.





I need a shoulder to cry on if it all goes wrong,

A soul that can lift me if I'm not that strong.

Some words of wisdom if I lose my way,

An encouraging smile at the end of the day.


Chorus to end

3. November


Verse 1:

I try to conquer you,

To be strong.

I fight you every time.

But after August,

My favourite time of year,

You come around.

You puncture me and I just deflate.



November you've done it again,

Year after year you break me.

November I should've guessed,

Coz' I've never had a November where I don't feel like this.

No I've never had a November where I don't feel like this.


Verse 2:

Every time you leave,

My skin's a little thicker,

And my bruises start to fade.

But who knows how many of you I'll have to endure,

Before I start to feel free.





When spring sets in it lifts me.

You wouldn't believe the power of its smile.

And when the sun shines on it warms me.

You wouldn't believe the power of its light.


November you'll do it again.

Year after year you break me.

November I'm impressed.

I've never had a November where you don't win.


4. Joy


Verse 1:

No, she doesn’t have a designer bag 
or a purse to match.

She don’t wear Jimmy Choo’s
she’s never bought expensive shoes.

She was raised on budget food,
nd taught to not be rude.

She learnt to scrimp and save
from such an early age.



I don’t see happiness In the house you buy,

Or the car you drive, no.

It don’t mean a thing.

I don’t see successfulness in the jewels you wear,

Or the cash you might have spare.

It don’t mean a thing.I have my family,

Everyones happy.

And in that, I find JOY.


Verse 2:

No, he’s never been to Hollywood.

Hes spent his life just making good of what he has.

And that aint much,

But its enough.




Soft Chorus



(Oh, I count my blessings.)

I’ve got a roof over my head,

I get to sleep in a comfortable bed.

I’ve got a heart and I’ve got a soul in me.

I have not been dealt the best set of cards,

But I will work hard,

To paint a picture for my little sister to see. To see.

5. Do You Remember Why You Loved Me?


Verse 1:

You'll never see a rainbow,

Without a little rain.

So you can never feel love,

If you haven't fet pain.

And if I was just a mistake,

I hope that I'm your favourite.

Because I meant every word I ever said.


And it burns my heart,

The thought of you,

Oh it burns my heart.




Coz I'll never know,

What coul've been,

If I'd grabbed your hand and said "Come back in,

Get out of the rain, 

and touch my face,

Do you remember why you loved me?"


Verse 2:

I didn't know if our love was worth fighting for,

But if I could see you now,

I'd beg for a war.

And If you think I'd give in,

Well let me put you right.

Because I meant every word I ever said.







You know what?
I prayed for you,

I still do.

Oh I prayed for you,

And I still do.




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