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Verse 1:

No, she doesn’t have a designer bag 
or a purse to match.

She don’t wear Jimmy Choo’s
she’s never bought expensive shoes.

She was raised on budget food,
nd taught to not be rude.

She learnt to scrimp and save
from such an early age.



I don’t see happiness In the house you buy,

Or the car you drive, no.

It don’t mean a thing.

I don’t see successfulness in the jewels you wear,

Or the cash you might have spare.

It don’t mean a thing.I have my family,

Everyones happy.

And in that, I find JOY.


Verse 2:

No, he’s never been to Hollywood.

Hes spent his life just making good of what he has.

And that aint much,

But its enough.




Soft Chorus



(Oh, I count my blessings.)

I’ve got a roof over my head,

I get to sleep in a comfortable bed.

I’ve got a heart and I’ve got a soul in me.

I have not been dealt the best set of cards,

But I will work hard,

To paint a picture for my little sister to see. To see.




Today I saw it in your face,

That look you seem to give me when you need a little space,

When everyone around you is messing up your day.

I made an excuse so it could be me and you

We got some time alone – just an hour or two

But in that time you seemed to clear your mind.


Chorus:I am here when it gets that little too much

I am here when you don’t feel good enough

I am here when you need to get away

Everyone needs someone who’s got their back

And a place they can go when they’re under attack

I am here to light the path up on your way,

I am here.


Verse 2:Well now I know you inside out,

You can’t pretend you’re happy and just start messing about

Coz I can tell it from the way you say ‘I’m fine’

There’s no flicker in your eye and no dimple in your smile

if I dig a little deeper then you’ll tell me in a while

But you shouldn’t have to hide your thoughts and fears





Now don’t you say it’s stupid and you’re wrong.

When I say tell me what’s on your mind and we’ll move on.

You can tell me it’s nothing, I know you’re strong.

But I am here to tag along.

I am here.





Verse 1:

In 10 years time I’ll be 29 years of age,

And hopefully earing more than minimum wage.

I hope I have the courage to still be myself,

And I haven’t been molded into someone else,

Oh I know I cant know where I’ll be,

We cant predict the future,

That’s a guarantee.

I just hope my parents are proud of me.



Coz’ I’m sitting on a train that’s London bound,

Going home to see my family,

Relied on up till now.

And I’m wondering where I’ll be in 10 years time,

And I hope I’ll be



Happy happy happy when the sun goes down,

Coz’ I know it means another day is coming around,

And I hope I’m holding the hand of the man I’m with now.

Happy happy happy almost every day,

Though I know there’ll be a few where im feeling grey.

But I hope im happy happy,

Mostly happy happy.

Surrounded by the people I love,

And im happy happy happy,

Coz that’d be enough.


Verse 2:

In 10 years time I hope my optimism’s still in tact,

And it gets me through days where I’d normally crack.

I hope my best friend’ll still be at my side,

Making jokes like she was making tonight.



Coz I’m flicking through my pictures of summer just gone,

And reminding myself how quickly life goes on.

And I’m wondering where I’ll be in 10 years time.

And I hope I’ll be









Verse 1:

Do you remember the time we drove away,

To breathe the open fresh sea air?
Do you remember the way that made us feel?
Do you remember the day you called my name,

But I was mad at you and turned away?
I cant imagine the way that made you feel.



So I want to say now, 
To remove any doubt,

That I have never been afraid of falling out with you.



Ba da da da da I’ll still be there.

Ba da da da da I still am!

I haven’t said goodbye to you,

And don’t you dare expect me to.

I’m staying here,

I’ll never let you go.
And that’s all you need to know.


Verse 2:

Do you remember the night we fought and fought,

Over a photo I took of you?
We didn’t speak for what felt like days and days.

But I swallowed my pride,

And I apologised.You know that’s a thing I rarely do.







Well I can get mad,

I can be wrong,
I’ll drown you in silence when we don’t get along.

But you can be rude,

You can be mean,

You always obsess over what could’ve beens.

But we should never be afraid of falling out.

No we should never be afraid of falling out.



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